IMG_0085ITunes, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora… These are many different digital music streaming websites. Even though it is not as popular, one site in particular uniquely sticks out from the others, it is called Bandcamp. There are several reasons as to why I think Bandcamp is the best for active marketing. If I had to suggest this website to music users, I would highly recommend it. The first thing I noticed when visiting the site is the layout. It is easy to navigate and look up specific artists when looking to download files and read/learn more about the artists you’re searching for. The website is free for users. So putting media on the website costs nothing. The only thing that needs to be provided is PayPal information for users to receive their money when consumers buy their media. Bandcamp provides users with the statistics of their music, so they’ll know how many views their music has, how many downloads were made, and when it has been posted to social media or when a widget is added to blogs.