With the fast paced information in today’s modern technology, according to Trent Reznor, establishing one’s self as an artist and creating a high level profile is easier than it used to be. I agree with Reznor’s statement as such because his points are so quite accurate. People are easily able to create and produce their own music and upload it to the internet and promote it.. for free! “The database you are amassing should not be abused, but used to inform people that are interested in what you do when you have something going on. like a few shows, or a new tour, or a webcast, etc. Have your myspace page, but get a site outside of Myspace,- it’s dying and cheap/generic… Make it simple to navigate and easy to find and hear music (but don’t autoplay) … play shows, making interesting things. Be interesting. BE REAL. NEVER CHASE TRENDS.” Due to modern technology, digital artists have an easier time networking throughout the web than rock bands do. Especially in the mobile phone expansion phase, since everything is now web-enabled, everything is easily accessible. A perfect example of a digital artist who utilized this technological networking fashion is the now commonly known rapper, Lil Yachty. Although personally, I am not a fan of his music, but the story of his rise to fame is simple. Lil Yachty made his debut in late 2016 when his single “One Night” went viral after being used as background music for a comedy video on YouTube. This caught the attention of the commonly known artist, Drake, and the attention of his label, OVO Sound Radio, where Yachty’s 2nd most popular song, “Minnesota”, was streamed live. His success is now history in the making.

This way of being “discovered” in the music industry has helped artists to free range create because under a label’s “system”, some artists are only able to have so much control. Compared to the “old way” of being “discovered”, he music industry has reached the future of the creative industries, to have 100% creative control. Another example of an artist who refuses to be signed to a label is Chance the Rapper. He recently made history winning three Grammy’s without being signed to a label or selling one song. All of his music is streamed for free.